Rely on Dental Implants for Permanence and Durability

Whether you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants are the ultimate tooth replacement option. Our Rockwall, TX, team can determine your candidacy for dental implants during a personal consultation. If candidacy is established, Dr. Melina Morrison will refer you to our Forney office where Dr. Jeffrey Pope will perform implant surgery. Once you have healed, you will return to Rockwall Family Dentistry, where we will attach your custom-made restoration. Dental implants can provide a secure and permanent foundation for crowns, bridges, or full dentures. Your restoration will look and function like original teeth. Equally important, the implant posts will protect your long-term oral health by preventing jawbone recession.

Dental implants are the ultimate tooth replacement option

Understanding Dental Implants

Dental implants are small, screw-like titanium posts. They will be surgically set in your jawbone during a precise, customized surgery. Your jawbone will then heal and fuse with the posts. Through this process, they will become a permanent part of your mouth, essentially replacing your dental roots.

Like tooth roots, implants can prevent jawbone recession. They will preserve the natural curves and contours of your face, and can also help maintain a youthful appearance.

Missing teeth can cause numerous problems. First, the gaps in your smile can dramatically affect your appearance. You may look older than you are, and may feel self-conscious about your smile. Second, when you are missing teeth, you will find it difficult to eat certain foods.

Your speech can be affected, particularly if you have lost one or more front teeth. Also, missing teeth can have serious consequences on your long-term dental health. Your tooth roots will no longer be present to send regenerative signals to your jawbone. Consequently, you can suffer noticeable bone recession and further tooth loss.

Dental Implants vs. Traditional Restorations

While traditional crowns and dentures can restore oral function, they will not fully take the place of your missing teeth. Implants, on the other hand, will actually replace your dental roots. Therefore, implant-supported restorations offer several advantages over traditional prosthetics.

One advantage is that dental implants will never slip out of place, enabling you to enjoy a variety of foods without the risk of dislodging your prosthetic. Traditional dentures are held in place with adhesive. Therefore, the restoration will not sit in your mouth as securely.

Less obviously, but perhaps more significantly, implants will send regenerative signals to your jaw. Like tooth roots, they can prevent jawbone recession. They will preserve the natural curves and contours of your face, and can also help maintain a youthful appearance. Further, implants will protect your other teeth by preserving the jawbone tissue that gives them support.

Placing Dental Implants

Dr. Morrison will evaluate your jawbone and health history to determine your candidacy for dental implants. Jawbone degeneration is a concern, but a bone graft or sinus lift can often restore your eligibility for dental implant treatment. If our dentist decides that implants are right for you, Dr. Pope will perform implant surgery.

Dr. Pope will take x-rays to locate the most optimal placement for the posts. Before the surgery, he will administer local anesthesia and sedation for a minimal-discomfort treatment. Dr. Pope will place the implants in small holes in your jawbone, and will close the incisions in your gums with dissolvable stitches.

It will usually take between four and six months for your jawbone to heal around the implant posts. You will receive a temporary restoration in the interim. When this process, known as osseointegration, is complete, the team at our Rockwall location will attach your prosthetic. In some cases, however, Dr. Pope can provide a same-day restoration, with his advanced E4D imaging technology.

Once your treatment is complete, we will explain how to take care of your implants. Since they function almost exactly like your original teeth, you will maintain them essentially the same way. You should brush and floss daily and schedule regular checkups at our office. Even if you have full implant-supported dentures, good hygiene can prevent gum disease and subsequent implant failure.

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Dental implants provide a secure foundation for a wide range of restorations, such as dentures, bridges, or crowns. To learn more about dental implants and find out if you are a candidate for treatment, contact Rockwall Family Dentistry today

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